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Baby It’s Cold Outside

January 31, 2011

It has been yet another freezing cold winter for us Floridians. I know my Northern friends are shaking their heads and saying, “Yeah, right” but this is c-c-cold for us. Our crops are suffering and my thin FL blood is suffering. So much so that my dad went out and bought thermal underwear for me for Christmas. LOL The pants aren’t easy to fit under my jeans but man are they toasty. My biggest problem isn’t me freezing though but my daughter. She refuses to wear sweatshirts, jackets, hats, etc. Some days I force one on her and others I’m saying, “Meh, if you get cold then oh well!”.

During the wee hours of one of our 1st freezes my hubby went out and took some pics. Wanna see some ice? See the roofs of our neighbors? All that white is frost.



My frozen truck.



It’s been so nice the past few days. If it would only stay in the 60s-low 70s year round I’d be thrilled! Is there such a place?

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