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Germs, germs go away!

January 17, 2011

It’s a 4 day weekend and nearly everyone in the house is sick. Yuck. Is the plus side that it’s a 4 day weekend and they aren’t missing school- at least yet? My kids are very rarely sick so when they do get sick they aren’t sure what to do. I ran into Logan’s teacher at Costco yesterday and she said she had been a bit sick (cold) and a few kids were out last week with the crud. I know at least 2 of them sit at Logan’s table. Joy.

Bella has it the worst right now I think. She’s feverish, headachy (eyes “huut”), coughing and has very little appetite. She’s been laying (lying?) in the recliner watching movies for 3 hours straight now. If you know my girl you know she never sits still that long. Her mouth” huuts” which I’m guessing means her throat and it hurts when she sneezes. She outright refuses meds which means forcing them on her while she screams and tries to spit them back out. Hubby finally ran to Walgreens and found some chewable/meltaway generic Tylenol for her when he came home today at lunch. Had to make her take those as well but she didn’t put up nearly the same fight thankfully. She’s at least sitting up now to watch Elmo and taking sips of Gatorade. She woke me twice last night calling for Mama in her raspy voice. Mama’s tired now. Had to change her sheets because they were so wet from drool and who knows what else.

I have the nasty chest cough and just feel rundown. I think Ian is the only one so far to skip the sickies (knock on wood!!). Logan’s coughing and sometimes has a fever but right now with meds he’s feeling okay. I’ve been Lysol-ing the house and everyone is using soap and hand sanitizer as much as possible. Just hoping the germs go away and go away soon!

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