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High Flying Fun

October 18, 2009

Ahh. The cooler fall weather is upon us- at least for a couple of days. I knew Logan needed some pants for school so I decided to have a *date* with just him yesterday. He and I went to Mimi’s Cafe for lunch first. He surprised me and ordered a burger instead of his normal mac & cheese or pancakes. We did all the puzzles on the kid’s menu together and talked.

From there we went over to the mall. After being a very good sport and trying on at least 10 pairs of pants we decided on a couple of pair and bought them. We walked the mall for the rest of the afternoon stopping in the Disney Store and even a women’s clothing store so I could get some jeans and use a gift card I had. At the other end of the mall there is a trampoline/trapeze contraption you can get on. It costs $5 for 2 minutes and he begged me to go on it. What the heck. It’s a fun Mom and Me day so I said yes. He had a blast. I always knew he belonged in the circus. He even did a couple of flips- albeit slow ones. It’s a good thing the teenage boy running it knew what he was doing. It’s not easy to see but Logan had THE biggest smile on his face while up there.








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