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A Day with the Fishies

September 27, 2009

Saturday, the kids and I were on our own again while dh helped his mom out so we took advantage of Swaptember again and headed to the FL Aquarium. I didn’t know until Friday that the Weeki Wachee Mermaids would be there doing shows. It’s a good thing we got there early.

The boys had fun going from place to place checking out the sealife while Bella hung out in her stroller. It was just too crowded to let her loose. Around 10:30 we started making our way towards their huge aquarium (filled with more than 2300 fish!) to watch the Mermaids perform. We were stuck in the back but Ian and I were able to see the show pretty well. Logan had no interest and stubbornly kept his head facing the other way nearly the entire time. It was fun to watch. The best part wasn’t the performers though. It was the sea turtle (aka Crush in my mind) that kept wanting to interact with the girls. It was like he/she was in there dancing too.





Unfortunately I wasn’t prepared for them to play outside at the water play area. I was under the impression it would be closed all month long. So instead we headed to McD’s for lunch and then home. Maybe we’ll try to get in there after school one day this week instead. Our Swaptember month is almost over!

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