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What we did on our summer vacation

August 9, 2009

Since summer vacation is slowly but surely coming to an end I thought I’d post a few pics of what we’ve been up to. Hopefully once school is back in I’ll have more to write about.

And now I present some our summer staycation photos…dum da da da! 🙂

Cuddling with my oldest brother is always nice.

Playing outside in the sprinkler. She quickly learned she doesn’t like it so much and got out.

I think we need a bigger pool. ;~)

Playing video games is a fave in this house. Ian has now joined in on the fun too and plays with his brother on the Lego games.

Let’s play dress-up! I’m batgirl!

And Ian as a hybrid wild cat! (Vickie, recognize the costume?)

Drawing on our Magna Doodles. Getting 3 kids to look at the camera at the same time and smile is impossible! (forgive the bib, she’s getting her molars and drooling like crazy and all my bibs are *boy* bibs)

Her first scraped knee.

Drawing with chalk


Only 2 weeks of summer vacation left! Then it’s car lines 4x a day, naps and hopefully some fun times since it will be just Bella and I inbetween. I’m looking forward to cooler weather eventually and park playdates and just getting back together with all my friends I’ve been missing over the summer. But for now I’m hoping to get in a few more fun times and take more photos of our summer days.

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