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Mark & Olly

March 4, 2009

Have you seen this show yet? It’s actually very interesting. I watched last season as well. These two guys go off into some of the most remote places on earth and live with different tribes of people. They become immersed in the culture and ultimately become adopted family.

I was watching last week’s episode today and was taken by the babywearing I saw in the show. I’m fascinated by other cultures and love to see how they care for their babies. Since I was watching on TV, I grabbed my trusty camera and took some shots of the TV (hence any graininess and the stretching of the people). From what I can tell, they appear to wear their children in a pouch of sorts as I don’t see any kind of knots. I must say, I’d think they’d be much more comfortable if they spread that fabric over their shoulder instead of bunching it at the neck.

Here’s one mother wearing two of her children. One in front and the other behind her with the pouch over her head. I can’t imagine that being comfortable!

Mark & Olly were given an infant wooly monkey to care for after the villager’s killed the parents for food. Here Mark is tying a jacket or shirt around Olly’s neck as sort of a sling.





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